myrtle beach shark fishing with captain danny juelMyrtle Beach Shark Fishing

Have you ever been shark fishing off the coast? It’s one of our most popular excursions. Catching black tip sharks offers plenty of action….and exercise. Just off the coast of the Carolinas there are literally tens of thousands of black tips. I’ve heard there are hundreds of thousands. I’ve even heard there are millions. I haven’t counted them, so I really can’t say. I just know they’re out there…and there are lots of them.  Yea, I know, you probably didn’t want to hear that after spending the day in the waves. But, they’re there, and they get pretty close to the shore…sometimes in 2 to 3 feet of water as they chase smaller fish.  We don’t see as many of them in the surf because they’re considered to be more timid that other species of sharks. Great Whits, Tigers, and Bull sharks are the ones that have been recorded the most for attacks on swimmers. Perhaps the most dangerous of all sharks is the Bull shark. They have been reported to be be the most aggressive. And yes, they, too (along with the Great Whites) frequent the waters of the coast of the Carolinas.

Black tips get their name due to the black tips or edges of their  pectoral, dorsal, pelvic, and caudal fins. They are normally under 5 feet in length and can put up a great fight. Wrangling a 3 foot black tip is a ton of fun! Our myrtle beach shark fishing trips are an experience that will have you coming back for more. some of our customers return year after year. You don’t need to bring any equipment or bait. We have all the bait and tackle you’ll need, and we’ll be right there with you making sure you’re grinning the whole time.

Captain Juel.

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